MWC 2013 the attack of the Chromebooks?


This could possibly happen right under our own eyes. Chromebook purchases have become some what of a commodity to companies like Acer and Samsung. Companies like LG and HTC are staying away from Android tablets lately and are focusing more on handsets after their brief failure from years past. Currently, LG and HTC are pushing out Snapdragon powered handsets to carriers. LG and HTC were both notoriously in bed with Nvidia for a small period of time, but it seems like they are distant from each other.

Now where does this put Tegra 4? The platform was announced at CES this year and we still haven't heard of any flagship handsets linked this year. Recently, the platform has been linked to the Chrome OS code and future devices. Last year in July, LG and Microsoft signed a patent deal that exposed future plans of an LG Chromebook device. HTC was linked to a possible Chromebook device in November 2011 but that rumor died in the water.

Personally, I think ASUS would be the perfect candidate to show off a Chromebook. It is kinda obvious that they're currently in bed with Google and they have shown that they are a more capable supplier than LG. ASUS and Google together have sold more than 4.5 million Tegra powered Nexus tablets together. Just recently, ASUS teased a video that could possibly contained a metaphor or two.

In the end, it's all speculation. But in the past, MWC was largely conquered by awful netbooks. Google France has already confirmed that Google will not have a booth this year. However, they did say that there will be people to support it's partners. Honestly, the chances do seem slim. But it would be cool to see Sundar Pichai just pop in and introduce a product with a partner.