NEX 6 or NEX 7 advice

I am in the market for a new mirror less camera to replace my lost NEX 5n.

I loved that camera and still have a few lenses so I was looking to invest in the same system. I was really excited when the NEX 6 was announced because it seemed to have the exact things that I felt were lacking in the 5N (manual controls, evf, hot-shoe, etc) so I was pretty sold.

Then it happens. My friend goes Hollywood on me and gets hired at Sony pictures and tells me he will let me take advantage of his massive employee discount.

I rejoice and start browsing their website to check out the prices he can get when.....

I find out that I can get a NEX 7 body for about $80 more than the NEX 6 with the new kit lens.

Now I have no idea what to do. I had my heart on the NEX 6 but that price on the NEX 7 is pretty insane (even if it will soon be replaced by an upgrade)

Any advice on what to do?