Planning to Get Lumia 920. Need to clear some doubts. Help..!!

I am using WP7 HTC Radar now. Want to move to Windows Phone 8 as WP7.8 didn't give me much to play with. Also, i liked the Lumia 920's Camera features. Need to clear some doubts , SO LUMIA 920 users plz give you inputs..

1) Is Lumia 920 a good device to buy for Rs 37,000 (685 US Dollars). Is it worth the money for a windows phone.

2) After the WP8 "Portico" update on Nokia Lumia 920, How is phone acting..!! Any issue with rebooting or any issues..!!

3) Need your feedback with regards to Lumia model color.. Black , White or Yellow..!! I liked the Yellow color model.. But its not easily available even in India. How are accessories choices for Phone covers in the market..!!

4) Lumia 920 got Gorilla glass. So, is it really damage resistant..!! Do i need to use a scratch cover on the glass..!!

5) What is your personal view on Lumia 920's Daylight Photos..!!

6) This point is silly to ask. But should i wait till Nokia's MWC announcement & see if Nokia comes with Lumia 950 or Lumia 1000.. Do any of you think Nokia will release such devices in a month's time..

7) Do any have any wierd issues with your Lumia 920.!! Please share

I hope to get good number of feedback from forum members, so i can decide accordingly..