The time on the other side of the ocean(s).

I believe this has been going on discussion (among people who don't live in US anyways) and I would love to point out the issue here again instead of making a comment which will get lost in the sea of comments.

I think it's pretty clear that when there's a new announcement or an event we like to be "there" when it happens, regardless of the location of our physical forms. Now I know that just googling the "time in EST/PST" isn't that hard but so is putting up a GMT or a CET on there. It's obviously not just people living in US reading this site.

Instead of putting up two North American times, you could try to put up one North American time and one European time like EST - GMT.

We all love reading The Verge and will continue to regardless of what you decide about this, but honestly after so many comments about it, you guys are looking a bit ignorant about this issue.