Any transient workstations out there?

With the proliferation of these new Windows 8 devices, and seeing some of the various talk of people's plans for these devices, I have gotten curious about something:

Anybody out there using a Windows 8 laptop/Ultrabook/convertible/hybrid/tablet out there as a transient workstation?

Let me explain what I mean by transient workstation: one device that you use in multiple locations, that you plug into a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, or some combination thereof, that you do all of your main stuff on that one device.

I ask this because I just ordered a trackball mouse and a 24 inch tv for a monitor to use as a workstation in my room with my Vaio Duo 11 attached to it or on the go. I have also seen a lot of people talk about taking something like the Surface Pro and plugging it into various workstations at different places and using just the one computer for everything.

So, how do you guys use your computing devices?