What Could Glass Do?

For starters, full disclosure: I am an iPhone user, but I think what Google is doing is pretty cool.

Today when Google asked for people to apply to be able to purchase glass early, I started thinking what cool things could be done with Google Glass if it was connected to things such as my phone and my car. Now, there are many other technological items that your phone and glasses could be connected to but I stuck with the car.

The car is one place where people want to stay connected, but due to current technology are not able to be fully connected. Glass may be a solution to accessing some of the information we want while driving. Drivers would be able to see information without looking at a screen or dashboard to find it. Imagine being able to just take a quick glance to see what time it is, the speed you are traveling at, or your ETA. Any of these would be nice to have built into Glass.

But with your glasses connected to Google Now and your vehicle, you could have something that was much more useful. With all the information about the status of your vehicle and your surroundings could combine to give you notifications such as when and where you should fill up your tank.

Again, these are just some basic features that I think would be cool to see in Glass. Google Glass connected to the devices and appliances we use every day could completely change the way our devices notify us of what is going on around us. Imagine going to the grocery store and while you're in the dairy section being notified that you need to grab some milk along with the price of the milk that is on sale. You could say goodbye to that pad of paper you write your shopping list on.

What other cool things would you like to see in Google Glass? What notifications would you want Glass to show you?

Below are some mock up photos that I created to give an example of some of the things I discussed.


drivePOV (via addisonwebb)


drivingPOVSpeeding (via addisonwebb)


drivingPOVText1 (via addisonwebb)


drivingPOVText2 (via addisonwebb)


drivingPOVGas (via addisonwebb)


drivePOVFillUp (via addisonwebb)