What I want to see Microsoft do for next xbox.

Number 1: Reveal the hardware. Preferably within the first 20 minutes. And add a little tongue in cheek. Show a beast of a machine whose hardware means business.

Number 2: Show the next Kinect and how amazing it is. How it adds more depth to casual, hardcore, and physical gaming. As well as social and media apps integration. I want Kinect to be cortana resurrected.

Number 3: Illuminroom. I want it to be prepped and ready for dazzling people. In fact, flood the whole arena with it. I want every game preview utilizing it and being the "zomg" factor.

Number 4: Remote play. Wii U has it with their tablet. Sony has it with their Ps vita. I want Microsoft to reveal a special surface tablet, that doubles as a remote playing device for the next box as well as a small lightweight media consumption device with windows apps.

Number 5: Software. Microsoft already has the social networking down(smartglass,xbox live on phone, tablet, and computer), they need to refine it and move the goal posts with it. Bring the Xbox on the nt kernel. Have it running on the same core as windows, windows rt, and windows 8.

Number 6: Get those glasses out of vaporware. I want you to add more depth to the Xbox with those glasses. Imagine having them work with illuminroom and Kinect to give you an even more immersive 3D interface and environment.