Ubuntu is a Disaster

My SSD running Windows 8 died, so I decided to take Ubuntu for a spin. Boy was that a mistake. After I got Ubuntu 12.10 installed on a fresh HDD, I quickly discovered a few things. First, it takes 5 - 20 boots to get more than just a black screen. I've currently not been able to actually get into the OS in over an hour. Secondly, I found that AMD doesn't have working drivers on 12.10 (not to mention the ridiculous amount of Googling required just to install them in the first place). Well hey, I'll just install 12.04. Except every USB I've made with it tells me something about no bootloader being present. For all the times I've heard Ubuntu evangelists claim "everything just works," I honestly sort of thought they might be telling the truth. I guess not.

Edit: I'm not simply complaining about video card drivers as everyone seems to think. It's a collection of everything. The OS doesn't even boot anymore, and I've gone back to the most stable OS I've ever used - Windows 8.