My response to a recent inquiry from a Dell representative.

Hi Connie, thanks for contacting me. Reginald did a fine job taking care of my issue, and taking care of me as a customer to the best of his ability.

Unfortunately, my feelings about this situation go back much further than any dealings I've had with Reginald. The system I sent in had to be serviced twice within a month of the original purchase.
My original problem with the system was that it was running hot and crashing. I ran my own diagnostics so I had a fairly clear idea what the problem was However, I didn't believe that I should have had to wrestle with, what was then, a brand new system. I allowed myself to endure long "tech support" sessions before I got someone out to "fix" the issue. Replacement parts were sent and yet the issue had not been fixed. I had long suspected that the processor cooling system need to either be re-seated or to have the low quality thermal compound replaced. After a second attempt to replace other random parts including the processor did not fix the issue, I offered my opinion. Thankfully the tech took my advice and used higher quality thermal compound that I had laying around, which as simple as it was, solved the problem completely.
I believe from the start, though I paid a lot, I had been sold what was basically a high-end system held together by budget/low-end parts and accessories... and I don't believe that Dell has any intention of making up for that.
While I appreciate Reginald's patience and understanding while dealing with me... Dell, the company has forever lost me as a customer. I will never again make the mistake of purchasing a Dell system. Nor will I continue to recommend Dell as a technology provider for the companies with which I am affiliated.
Never have I been put in a situation to feel that Dell was looking out for me as a valued customer. Wasting time through support sessions; clearing my schedule to make myself available for a tech to come by, only to have that time wasted; and, dealing with the general inconvenience of it all, is not something I plan to subject myself or any of my associates to in the future.

I admit that there is a lot of frustration in that email. I don't typically have computer issues and I'm usually able to fix them myself when they do arise. In this case, after spending a large sum of money on a mobile workstation and also springing for the 2 year extended warranty, I didn't feel that I should have to handle it myself.

For the record, the issue referenced in the above email is not the current issue. This time, the screen simply stopped working. It passes all the diagnostics but does turn on at boot. I wasted an hour via live chat while they "trouble-shooted" the issue. Had them send replacement parts, which didn't fix the issue. Also I was downstairs when the tech showed up at my door. I told him I'd be up in just a second, and he basically told me to hurry up or else he'd leave.

Is this the type of experience that is typically expected from Dell or is this all coincidence? Have I just been lucky up until this point?