The Note 10.1 is Impressive!!

When the Galaxy Note 10.1 first came out, it was horrible. As Nilay (happily) pointed out in his review, everything about the device was a disaster. It was Iaggy, buggy, and the Pen input sucked. Samsung's multi screen app idea was poorly executed.

However, when Samsung updated the device with jellybean, everything changed. It's now very Smooth. Everything works the way it should (no bugs). Additionally , the pen input and multi screen works really well.

In fact, this entire post in being written using the S-Pen. Its really good. It's recognizes my words very well. It's not as perfect as it could be, but it's faster-much faster- than using any touch keyboard.

In the update, they changed the multi screen fortune to even work with Google Apps like Gmail, Chrome, Talk, Maps, and YouTube. It's not without its faults and I wouldn't say it's a "must-have" feature. At its heart, it's one big giant hack, So it isn't as polished as it could be. But it works, and most-importantly, at times, it can be legitimately useful.

The problems with the device start with the size. 10inch tablets are too big, especially wide Screen ones. That size is really meant for laptops in my opinion. In-fact, Samsung should just copy Asus with transformer dock. It's not like Samsung would have a moral objection to copying anyways.

Samsung design also sucks. Sometimes l feel look-wise, Samsung is trying to Combine the worst of iOS with the worst of Android. The S-Planner App is atrocious.

It also has a ton of Crapware. Thankfully it can be disabled.

The big reason I'm writing (literally) this post is because in a few days, Samsung will announce the next Galaxy Note. Overall, with JB, this year-old tablet is impressive. With a smaller size like the rumored 8" inch, and 2013 specs, I have very high expectations for MWC. Short of some idiotic decisions (which Samsung is unfortunately capable of) Samsung should be making my next tablet.