Consumer electronics peer pressure. Does it exist?

Do you think it has a presence?

It's a common notion that once you get past high school, all of the pressure to conform to the expectations of your peers and adapt to the popular styles of the time vaporize. I disagree.

If the above were true, then I don't think terms like conspicuous consumption, and invidious consumption would exist in marketing text books. Phrases like "Keeping up with the Jones'" wouldn't be present and adults would be much more individualized and not susceptible to the tactics of advertising.

I've thought about this quite a bit for the past year or so, which has all been spent at a community college in California. When considering demographics that might be the most in danger of individuals being sensitive to social acceptance, the college age group is right up there on the list.

I graduated high school in 2005, and although I had a good circle of socially active friends, I had always been sort of a tech nerd. Although my friends new about my "nerd" interests, they didn't know the extent. Back then, if you were at all conspicuous about your affinity for an electronic device or manufacturer, you wouldn't get invited to the cool parties.

Thing's have changed since then, and walking around my campus or even the shops near by, the majority of the students are more then happy to flaunt there preference for Apple. Not only does it seem to be satisfying to them to be seen owning the brand, but if the chance comes up to vocally denigrate the competition, even better. Often times this is rather abound with misinformation, and could be considered evidence of Apple's general consumer to be rather ignorant in regards to consumer technology.

Android seems to be getting some relief, that is, a given demographic may not feel so sensitive about being seen subscribing to a product line not made by Apple. But only a little.

So, am I being unreasonable with assessing my observations in this way? Am I being psychotic to think that people actually feel that out of all the motivators to buy a certain brands product, social currency is the biggest one?