Anyone with a Transformer Book?


Today I went to Fnac (an electronic retailer) and they had a Transformer Book (tx300) on display. I was surprised to see it, I didn't know it was already out. The hardware was really nice, the 13" tablet didn't feel too heavy (not a lot heavier than my Surface RT), I was really impressed by the overall quality.

Unfortunately there was some kind of problem, the machine wouldn't boot and they didn't have the CD to restore it, so I couldn't go and check stuff... I can't find any review of the device and I was thinking that maybe one of you had it already and could share his thoughts on the machine. I'm mostly interested on the battery life.


Update: I went back today and they fixed Windows. Estimations for the battery were 2h57 (tablet only) and 5h55 (tablet + dock) with "middleish" brightness ... pretty dissapointing if that's the case (the screen seemed to bright to be at 50% and it was just Windows estimations after a few minutes, might not be very accurate)