Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement last night notably included no footage of the actual console — and now, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton says that's because the company still hasn't got it ready. In an interview with AllThingsD, Tretton said that "we’re certainly capable of showing playable game content, but we don’t have a mass-production box that we can bring out and pull out. That’s still in development in terms of final specs and design."

He defended the decision to show it later this year on the grounds that looks aren't as important as capability: "You certainly look at it when you insert a disc, but for most people, it’s behind a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere and you spend all your time looking at the screen. And we wanted to show people the screen."

"We don’t have a mass-production box that we can bring out and pull out."

Sony released specs for its new console last night, revealing a custom AMD processor, dual-camera PlayStation Eye to detect motion, and 8GB of memory among other things. We're not sure whether anything significant will change for the "final specs," nor how much the final product will cost, though Tretton says he hopes the price point will be lower than the PlayStation 3's original $599. It has, however, confirmed one question from last night to Polygon: while 4K output isn't supported for games, media like photos or video can be played back in ultra-high definition, making the PlayStation 4 one piece of a more general Sony push for 4K.