When no one has the answers, I turn to you. (Windows 8 help)

I've turned to several different places with this question and have had no luck. I just bought a new Dell Inspiron One 2330 (23'' touchscreen model) and I'm having browser problems. I've bought a $50 tumblr theme for my site and it doesn't display right in chrome or firefox yet displays perfect in IE. I'm beyond furious at this point because I've made two different theme purchases and it is always the same thing. The worst part is that if I visit another webpage that is using the same theme it works perfectly. Here are some screens between the two. Also when I try to mouse over Polygon's navigation hub it doesn't pop up. Other random sites also have odd image placement etc. It's driving me nuts. Any ideas? My mac never did this sort of thing.


(the bottom image is fine)