Microsoft could capitalize on handling of used games

A lot of users seem to be against used games all together. Ultimately we know that developers and producers of the games we play do not like the used game market. Of course, they're missing out on sales. They spend time and effort on something that they expect to be reimbursed for it. Now, where does Microsoft come into this situation?

We know little about Sony's plans with used games. Early thoughts are that used games will be playable on the PS4. Developers are alright with it, but they would prefer other wise. What if Microsoft decides to black used games by linking the games we buy to our gamer tags? I believe that 3rd party developers would be more happy to make games for Microsoft rather than Sony? If Microsoft is looking out for the developers and their well being, the developers will support Microsoft more. It's common sense.

Now, there is a lot of complaining about the idea of used games being restricted on the next generation xbox. There are pluses. One, Microsoft would control pricing of the games. Honestly, this could keep the cost of next gen games at $60 or maybe a little lower. This would be so because the developers would never miss a sale. However, I see Microsoft potentially going towards an all digital format if you would like to. The possibilities are endless for this. You could potentially be playing a new game right at midnight. They could have us pre download the games prior to the midnight release so all we would have to download would be a little key to play the game right at midnight. No more waiting in lines to start the new Halo. WIth an all digital system Microsoft would also have control over the pricing of software. They could hold Steam like sales on older games and little promos weekly if they choose to. In my opinion, no used games and an only digital download future can't come soon enough.