The missing Windows 8 Tablet

So about 5/6 years ago I purchased a high-end tablet from Gateway, the C114XL. It had one of the best Wacom digitizers, (sadly no touch), up to 8GB ram, dedicated video card, dual batteries, latest processor, etc. What surprises me is there are no high-end tablets out there for windows 8. I have been looking for months for the following:

  • Convertible (twist) form factor
  • Latest i7 processor or latest AMD
  • Capacitive Touch (10+ points) & Wacom digitizer
  • At least 1 user replaceable battery
  • user replaceable hard drive so I can put a 256GB+ SSD in there
  • Dedicated Video card
  • 16GB + ram
  • 1920x1080 min resolution (1920x1200 preferred)
  • 13-14.4" IPS
  • Minimum 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Full sized DisplayPort with multiple monitor support
  • 802.11AC WiFi / Gigabit ethernet
  • 4G Wireless Card
I really don't care if it is heavy, the size of a normal laptop or anything like that. All I care about is having a proper mobile workstation to do programming, video editing, and Photoshop on. People are too concerned if it is as thin as an iToy...I really don't care since I am not going to be walking around and programming on the thing as I do. The closest thing I have come across is the Lenovo x230t but it is only sold with Windows 7 out of the box and fails to meet a few of the criteria above. Why do you think that no manufacturer has made the ultimate tablet yet.