Why would ANYONE buy a browser for 1500$..

When there are (or at least will be) products such as thinkpad helix and transformer book for the same price?

I know this might be trolling, but I'm just speechless. What do you use this for, at 5H BATTERY, which was supposed to be chrome OS's strong point? What when there is no internet connection? After all, it is a laptop, you carry it around. And if you opt for LTE version, how much more money on top of the device itself am I supposed to spend?

I just don't see the purpose of this.

Compared to other mobile form factors:

- tablets have a much better battery life (most of them, at least). If they are hybrids, they also have keyboards

- laptops have same or better battery life, much more storage, and overall vastly better specifications

Not to mention that the video on the verge shows major lag.

Enlighten me, please.