Oh my, The Verge writers are mostly white and male. Isn't that racist and sexist? Let's see.


Such a cool word. Diversity is one of those good words, isn't it? There must be something horribly wrong with a place that is not diverse, right? Well, contrary to what your TV says, that doesn't have to be a case.

See, when you run a business like this one, what do you expect from your employees? Is it certain hair color? Is it certain height? Is it certain musical or movie taste? No. Why? Because none of those things matter in this job, so why in the world would race or gender matter?

What is the problem then? Have you seen many blacks and females applying for the job at The Verge but being rejected simply because of colour of their skin or shape of their genitals? No?

Then I hope you refrain from sharing your flawed arguments with us.