What are some absurd form factors you'd like to see for Windows 8?

Since Windows 8 is an OS made for a large variety of form factors, what's some absurd ones that you'd actually like to see?

Personally, I'd like to see a 1080p (maybe even slightly more) Surface Pro at 13". It would keep the same amount of quietness, possibly better hardware, possibly more RAM, and definitely a bigger battery. A larger keyboard would be excellent to type on and it can still be stored as a Tablet. With the added screen space, the pen could definitely serve a lot more in terms of use and space. It would also alleviate the pains of the small taskbars within the current Surface Pro and actually make the desktop usable. Granted a bit more space would be required if you wanted to carry it around, it may prove a little heavy, but it'd be a pretty powerful tablet that has the added capabilities of a laptop. Maybe we could even go 15" with this.

So what are your ideas?