Chromebook Pixel - Who is this for?

So, Google, the company adored by pretty much everyone who hates Apple for one reason or another, just announced the Chromebook Pixel. And, hilariously enough, the description reads pretty much like an Apple device. It's an expensive aluminum laptop with a high-resolution display that was deliberately designed to be a premium product.

The problem, of course, is that there's nobody in the world who would ever buy this.

I'm going to make a pretty bold statement here, but it's a statement that I think is pretty well backed-up: The MacBook line is the best line of consumer laptop computers available. There, I said it. Obviously, not everyone would agree, but that seems to be the general consensus in the tech world - if you need a computer for normal-people things, you should get a MacBook.

Now, there are many reasons why people would disagree with this statement, but the two biggest ones are:

1) Some people feel that MacBooks are overpriced.

2) Some people prefer (or need) Windows for specific software.

The Chromebook Pixel, for self-explanatory reasons, isn't a good match for anyone who cites either of those motivations for going with a non-MacBook computer. So what demographic is left?

All I can think of is the very slim target audience of people who hate Apple for reasons not having to do with price, don't like Windows, and are willing to spend $1200 or more on a Google product.

Last last bit - willingness to spend - is the tricky part. Because for the last year Google has conditioned its fans to expect (and sing the praises of) inexpensive, high-quality hardware - see the Nexus line for proof. Chromebooks in particular are supposed to be cheap and replaceable.

So, what do you all think? Does this product have a chance? From what I've seen today, most people even on websites like Android Authority think this is way too expensive. I'm calling it now: Chromebook Pixel will not sell well.

I'll just sit over here, twiddling my thumbs waiting for a Slate Black MacBook Air with Retina Display.