Politically correct a.k.a. Affirmative action

Please, Verge, don't ever make another post like this one again. It's just assumptions all around.

"Gender equality doesn’t mean 1 : 1 ratio in male & female in every aspect.
Considering the male accounts for 85% of whom major in Computer Science and 91% of whom major in Electrical Engineering, it does make sense we see male more often in this industry assuming the abilities of male and female are equal.


Brandom's article attempts to use female gamer percentage to compare with the female employee percentage doesn’t make any sense at all. For example, I can guess 50% of whom need to wear clothes are male, however 95% of whom major in Fashion Design are female. Shall I now shout out sexism? I think not.

Sexism is only valid in this case, if it can be proven there are equal amount of male and female interested in this field, yet more male is being employed and have higher pay."