For high resolution to take off, intel has to pick up their game

Ok, so we can see that there is a new chrome book with super high resolution, and from the hands on we can see that "Touch responsiveness is a different story — we don't know if it's software or hardware, but scrolling on the screen was much chunkier and laggier than we'd expect from what purports to be a high-end machine."

we have also seen how the MacBook retina 13 inch is pretty laggy in scrolling and what not too. the issue really comes down to, the intel hd4000 simply cannot perform well on resolutions higher than 1080p. In fact, according to intel themselves, the Chromebook pixel's resolution isn't even officially supported by the intel hd4000.

So high definition screens are definitely not a realistic choice this generation, but possibly with haswell, high definition can become a reality.