So what is wrong with The Verge writers using Macbooks?

Every single time there's a "What's In Your Bag" post on the Verge, many commenters go fucking nuts whenever they see a Verge writer using a Macbook.

I know that Apple is the worst thing since Hitler, but the hyperbole against Apple in this website is fucking ridiculous. If they like to use Apple, then let them use Apple. If you don't like people who use Apple products, then leave The Verge. You can go to /g/, or /r/technology and rant about your Apple-hatred there.

I tripleboot OSX (Hackintosh), Windows and Debian on my PC so i don't care about fanboyism whatsoever. I don't see anything wrong about people using things that are different than mine. Therefore i really don't get why it's morally wrong to use Macbooks. So why do people get so fucking worked up when writers from The Verge Macbooks? After all, if they don't like Verge writers using Macbooks then they can just leave The Verge right?