Galaxy note 2 weeks later.

So i've had the note 2 for about two weeks now. I just wanted to give a little update to you guys and hopefully help someone looking to get into the android world. I can't say enough about this device. I've fallen in love with it. I've gotten to talk to a lot of you guys on here over the years and you know i've been using android since the early days and the iphone since it's inception. I'm a total apple lover, and after my bad experience with android in the early days i went back to the iphone. I had been happy with my iphone ever since, and i was still happy with the iphone when i got the note. The iphone is a great everyday smartphone. It's only when you actually try something else out that you've been without that you fully understand. It was like when i got my frist mac or tired a mac for the first time. I instantly knew oh this is how it should have been done. The mac is one hell of a device. Not that i don't like windows, because i do, but every single windows machine i had broke. My mac has never let me down. It's hands down the best notebook experience i've had. When i got it, it was an instant oh man this is how it should always be. Same thing when i got my iphone in 2007. You pick it up and just know that it should have always been like that. The best way i can compare the note is just like that. Samsung is doing what apple did to the PC industry when it comes to the cool factor. They actually beat apple at their own game, and it was extremely intelligent. They also understood that all it takes is making a great device that people love to win the hearts of the consumer. When you use the note and see just how much it can do you have zero thoughts about the iphone. The iphone becomes the most basic of phones in comparison, and in some ways that's the beauty of the iphone. I still think apple should start catering to not only the general consumer but specific demographics like Samsung has done with the note. There are small things i miss about IOS and the iphone, but nothing at all that would make me switch back.

With all that being said, that only goes for the phone. When we talk about the tablet space the ipad is still the king, and will continue to be. I don't see developers jumping on the android ship and that scares me. I really want to get to the bottom of why this is. Nothing could steer me away from the ipad. There's way to many advanced desktop apps that i use on it daily. As i said in my first review of the note none of them exist or have a comparable alternative for android. I really want that to change. Some great innovation could be happening in the android world with third party apps and it's not. The native SDK is there, but developers still choose IOS. They also make a shit load more money on apples platform. This is a big problem for android though. If google can't convince developers that they can make as much or more on their platform that can lead to a sunken ship. As amazing as android has become, and all the advanced things the operating system can do, an operating system is nothing without great apps, especially when it comes to tablets. The entire point of the tablet is to be emersed in apps. Now, android still has a large amount of good apps without a doubt, but many of them are the basic apps or are from the big boys like Autodesk, adobe, gameloft ect. There are so many other third party apps out there from regular folks like you and i who make apps that blow away what many of this big names put out. When you develop for IOS you get a sense of security in that the entire development platform is more well thought out, and has to be done to a standardized rule set. This is where apples control comes in extremely handy. It's also why IOS has the best selection of apps. Developers feel extremely confident when they make apps for IOS. I want developers to feel the same way about android. I want them to go make their app for android first. Honestly market share means nothing. Just because there are a million android devices out there doesn't mean the platform is more popular. The iphone and IOS are still the most popular platform where it counts. Otherwise developing an android app would be the first thing on a developers minds, and it's just not. We have to get google to change this and push apps more and more for android.

The truth is, we all win when all parties apple, google, microsoft, samsung, ect are shooting innovation into the world. We live in a large world and there's enough for everyone to get a chunk of it. Especially if you start thinking of brands like bands. Which is kind of how they are looked at today. Every band if they are good enough, and continue to grow as life moves forward will have a cult like loyal fan base. Devices have become part of our lives like music. Not only are they what is used to play that music, but they are what we use to communicate to the world and are everyday tools to accomplish tasks. When you think about brands like bands you quickly realize that every company if they choose to do great things can all be extremely successful. That's the bottom line.

Closing i'd like to say again that Android has impressed me so much. It's without a doubt the best smartphone OS around. I love it's design. When you look at what Matias has done compared to apples UI design it's night a day. Android is much more pelasing to look at. Not only that but it feels like a cool piece of technology, not some stiched leather book. Another thing you quickly realize when you make the switch, you really understand what the verge guys are talking about with the skewumorphic design. I don't miss it at all. I think Matias is an incredible artist and designer. Google is SUPER lucky to have him. He still needs to clean some things up. Like legacy gingerbread stuff i still see popping out in menus deep within layers of the operating system. There's still buttons in browser settings that are pixelated circles, and other areas in the OS still have some legacy that needs to be cleaned up. Not only thing should look pixelated in the OS. Even in apps we see this happen. Google should set a rule. No pixelation should be happening at all. This rule also needs to be applied to the play store. It just looks unprofessional.

I really love the note 2. I find myself only using my ipad for being in those specific advanced apps i use, and those apps only work well for my needs with the full sized iPad. Other than that i've been doing all of my browsing and information getting exclusively with my note because it really does double as a phone/tablet. That's what i love it so much. It's big enough to really enjoy content on, yet small enough to still be a phone. It's like the perfect balence. I'm extremely excited to see what Samsung does with future devices. I'd love to see less plastic. Not that it feels cheap, because it doesn't, in many ways i like it, but imagine a note constructed out of some type of metal. Now that i can have access to the inside of my device it's really hard to think of not having it. So if samsung does decide to spruce up their hardware i wouldn't want them to compromise on that. It's one of the best features of the device. There is one thing Samsung lacks. That's customer support. Apples customer care, and apple care protection plans are just done right. Even without the apple care plan under warranty apple always takes care of you. Somethings wrong with your device, they ship you out a new one without question. Or you can go in an apple store and swap it out. Apple takes care of their customers to the fullest extent. They even gave me a free ipad 2.

If you are in the market for a new device, you are looking for one that has a large display and really advanced technology you cannot go wrong with the note 2. If you are an artist/business person looking to have a device to sketch on, brainstorm ideas on, take notes, multitask on, you can't go wrong with this device. It hands down has the best battery life out of any device on the market, so you can enjoy your device and all of it's great fetaures all day long! The note two gets a perfect score. 10 out of 10.