Is 'Puppy' a cheaper, ARM version of the Chromebook Pixel?

According to a report from Chrome Story, Google have a new ARM Chromebook in the works, codenamed Puppy. The Chromebook is ARM-based; specifically, it uses 'dalmore', which is a Tegra 4 motherboard for the 'Wayne' family of devices: Wayne is NVidia's codename for the Tegra 4 generation of chips.

With the Chromebook Pixel's release, we can speculate that Puppy is a cheaper, ARM-based version of the Pixel. This would work for Google: release an expensive version two months before Google I/O, Google's developer conference where they have traditionally announce new devices and versions of Android and Chrome. The Pixel's release now seeds the idea into the market's mind, along with the high price point. Then, releasing Puppy at I/O, pricing it at maybe $600, would make it seem quite cheap, and would therefore sell.

In the past, Chrome Story have outed the Pixel (codenamed 'Link' by Google) as a device with an Intel Ivy Bridge chip and an LTE modem. This, of course came true yesterday (21/02/13) with the announcement of the Chromebook Pixel.

For now, we can only speculate, but if you're interested in this, you might want to watch the keynotes at Google I/O.