Auxo broke MobileSubstrate?

Like everybody else on the day the evasi0n jailbreak came out, I rushed to download it and put on all of my favorite tweaks, the first of which would be this "Auxo" I first saw in these very forums.

From Day One it's been problematic on my device (Verizon iPhone 4S). It leaked memory like a pipe with a gaping hole at the bottom and generally added a LOT of instability to my iPhone, which I usually don't tolerate. Randomly, when performing the gesture to open it, it would crash Springboard, to MobileSubstrate Safe Mode--which is fine, whatever, that's what it's there for.

However, yesterday when I tried to open Auxo, it crashed my Springboard--hard. Right to the Apple logo, where it basically got stuck in a loop that prevented it from rebooting Springboard. My phone was instantly unusable, but plugging in my phone when I got home half an hour later seemed to fix the problem. It booted and none of my tweaks were working. Upon opening the settings for one, it informed me that MobileSubstrate failed to start, making all of my tweaks impotent. Wonderful.

One full restore, tens of apps and over 1,000 songs later, I've sworn off Auxo. I can live without it, and I just wanted to share this with other people so that they don't fall prey to the same bug I did.