Is there no end to a customer's whining?

Nearly every review you see, you read "the iPhone 5 has all the features you'd ever need, more apps than there are intelligent people in the world...". And then in the 'cons' section: "Although it's a great phone, the iPhone 4S has everything the 5 has, and thus, the 5 possesses no exclusivity." I've read this in more than two reviews, and find this kind of funny. When Apple didn't offer Flyover on the iPhone 4, you could see a lot of people going on about "My iPhone 4 is perfectly capable of handling this! Why would Apple do something like that?" Or the on the omission of the Offline Reading List in Safari on the 3GS, "Wait, what? What the heck is Apple's problem? This doesn't even sound processor/RAM intensive in the least!" (ok, I count myself as one of these people here, but I know I'm not the only one.) So is there reason behind this? People shout about features they don't have but other one-year newer devices do, but they also whine about features they do have? This is either psychological, or a psychotic issue with the human mind. What's your take on this?