An extra 500,000 apps for ChromeOS

A few weeks ago this appears outside the Android building on the Google campus:



Shiney and Chrome-y, right? Note how the article mentions that Andy's eyes cycle through a set of colours, red, blue, etc...

Now yesterday this appears:



Note, also that it too is completely Chrome-y and has lights that cycle colours.

There has been universal praise for the Pixel's hardware, but ChromeOS has a major achilles heel: a lack of high performance apps. Android, however, is replete with apps. At last count there were well over 500,000 in Google Play.

Could the sculpture, its lights, the addition of rich notifications in ChromeOS, the unexpected appearance of the Pixel and its possession of a multi-touch screen suggest that ChromeOS will soon be granted the ability to run Android apps?

We'll have to wait til I/O to find out...