Getting a new windows device.... holy selection Batman!

Alright folks,

A little background - I've lived in about every current ecosystem out there - iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Chromebook, Kindle, Barnes & Noble..... They're all great but I'm really looking for a Windows 8 machine now.

I need a capable machine for my train commutes that integrates with my work environment (Windows) since they won't support Citrix through ChromeOS (it runs through a special version of storefront - whatever - all I know is Chromebooks can't run .ica files natively so it doesn't work for my situation).

I have a 13" MacBook Pro and a 3rd gen iPad at home which are family-essential and I don't want to take them with me everyday to work. Apple's connect well with my work network, but for what I can afford and need (less than $800 and lots of independent storage (by independent, I mean no sand-boxed iPad storage)), they don't make sense.

I've narrowed it down to full Windows 8 tablets, but can't figure it out. At this point, the VivoTab Smart is a front runner. Full Windows 8, about 90GB of storage maxed out with an sd card and super portable.

iTunes, Citrix and Office will be the most intensive app I'd run, but I'm still a little nervous about the Atom processor. I'd love a Surface Pro 128, but I just can't justify that cost. Are there core-i devices out there cheaper and maybe as nice as the surface pro? Custom, integrated keyboard/trackpads aren't a neccesity but would be nice.

Thanks for reading and replying if you do, I appreciate your feedback.