Somebody explain to me how a Share button on the PS4 is a killer feature. And what my killer feature is if Sony expands Share.

Ok first off I am 32 years old and I may be past the main target audience of the PS4 but I have been gaming since my Atari 1800 and have owned nearly all generations of consoles since then (currently I have a 2 PS3s Vita Xbox 360). I use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Not religiously, but enough to have uses out of it. I make a decent paycheck working 9-5, serve in the Army Reserves and play games every chance I have.

I have a son still too young to be playing games but in a few years he will, I would love to be able to buy one game and have the ability to share it to my Vita/2nd PS4 and play along side. Currently I would have to buy 2 PS3 and 2 copies of what ever game I need to be able to enjoy. This is a real problem that with what was shown at the PS4 press event could solve. Sharing and viewing other players does not seem like a killer feature if its is just a way to view and share game plays. In fact its only a little more useful that the Playstation Move. Yes I can see how useful it would be if I am having trouble in a game and highlights on Madden or a good race in GT5.

So please tell me how this is so useful it deserves its own dedicated button?

Other than the graphics at the PS4 Event it was all anybody talked about. I just didn't get it.

But it did get me thinking about Gaikai and sharing. I would love to be able to play a game and have a friend join in without having them search for the game disc and install it, go through the load process, game menu then connect. Obviously the player connecting through Gaikai and have Playstation+ and have many other restrictions.

With Gaikai I should be able to send my game request and it should just work whether they own the game or not and stay in as long as I am still in the session.

To me needing a button to share a moment in a game is not an issue, having my friends join in a game to share the experience is. With Gaikai/PS4/Vita it could be great, but sadly when the PS4 releases share will be the latter.

Off topic: please stop shoving Move/Six Axis to us its failed MOVE on and the 2nd screen app for iOS and Android should be more than a way of viewing maps of a game and game play playback. I want to be able to play a game through my iPad as a second screen (like if it was a Vita) but still use the Dualshock.