About Chrome and Android...My Thouhgts

So with all this renewed talk about Chrome OS the Pixel and other Chromish news, I thought about something. I have been writing a few comments in different threads, and some theories started to take shape. Now know one knows what the X-Phone will be, rumors just say it will be a game changer. Plus the Pixel just came out of know where. So what exactly will make it a game changer? In the slow world of mobile tech. Well...

Think Ubuntu for Android which basically runs Ubuntu OS when Android is docked. Great feature but OEMs or anyone else at that matter never jumped on to it, so Ubuntu will just probably add it to the Ubuntu Phone. Well Chrome OS is not competeing with Windows and OSX...yet. It is competing with Ubuntu, and them having this sort of dual OS feature that can be tied to Android does not help, Google at all.

Chrome Meet Android..

So many people are always saying Chrome should be merged with Android. I think this should actually not happen. It will probably not happen, it is to complicated to merge a closed source OS with a open one, just too much drama with that one.

However I think Chrome will turn into a skin like Touchwiz and Sense. So we will still have Nexus devices running stock Android which will still serve as the developer reference device it is suppose to be. But the X-Phone will run a skin called Chrome. Call it the Motorola X-Phone with ChromeX. It will only be slightly different from stock, but do things like:

  • Run full ChromeOS with Chrome Apps when docked to a monitor.
  • Have top of the line flagship hardware
  • Have a Google Chrome/Now theme
The game changer would be running a full Chrome OS on your phone when it is docked and connected to a Monitor. Just think all of a sudden I have access to all the apps in the Chrome Store, this will be major. In addition it could solve many of the tablet application issues as Chrome OS apps are built for large screens. Chrome OS apps could be ran on a 10" tablet in an updated Chrome browser per say, which will allow for a much wider array of application options.

Now Enter the Pixel...

The pixel must be a touch screen device if Googles focus is to be able to run it on a Tablet as I said earlier. In addition Google also needs to step up the hardware game if it also wants Chrome OS to compete with Ubuntu, Windows, and OSX. Google is taking a page from Apple's strategy and controlling the hardware and the software which is why we have the Pixel. It is expensive...but it is also a nice piece of hardware.
Google has cash and they are willing to spend it to try new things. Yeah people are complaining left and right about price and it not being able to do anything. However how can Google innovate its OS if it doesn't step it up. People just need to let them do their Chrome experiment and lets see what happens. In the end it could give us the possibilities of another desktop OS with a vibrant ecosystem. You know that thing we like about Android called choice

It's all about Strategy..Right?

The whole idea here is that Google is trying to push complete cloud computing for the normal consumer. They are at the forefront of doing and running everything in the cloud, but still are missing those key apps and capabilities. Part of this is simply having good hardware to run these apps to hopefully get developers on board to create these apps. So if the X-Phone and The Pixel are what will unify Google services with great hardware..I welcome it.

Google like most companies are thinking 5 years out, while some people here are thinking now. I welcome Chrome OS, and the Pixel, the X-Phone and all the other things in the pipeline and it is a step in the right direction. Now whether this will be the unifying Google's services and their own hardware, which is usually always works the best, as the question. I hope that is what they are doing, as it could truly be a game changer.