S**t Apple needs to fix on the iPad - A Rant

It seems to me that there are some ridiculous flaws that iOS has which are the opposite of what Apple intended. I am not just talking about features which would be nice to have down the line, but iOS features and rules already in existence and which Apple seems to think are just fine with no need for improvement. I.E. I think these are flaws that go against Apple's own philosophy and intentions for the iPad because they make no damn sense and yet they are designed to the T to work that way.

For instance, the desire for 'default apps' isn't on here. While that would be a nice feature, it's not something I actually notice in my day to day use when using the iPad as Apple intended. And I use Chrome for pretty much all of my browsing (unless i need to download something, which is Chrome's fault and not iOS) and GMusic for my music. I never run into a problem where Safari is opened instead of Chrome (though it helps that other third party apps support Chrome, like Feedly).

But there are some features that iOS already has that get in the way of a seamless experience. Things that Apple has chosen to do or failed to have done that get in the way of a better experience while making no sense at all even when considering Apple's design philosophy.

This is me bitching about those mistakes.

That pointless, useless screen to the left of the first screen that is for some reason I can't explained called Spotlight, instead of Black Hole or Useless Crap...

I never use it. Apple put it there. It's meant to be used. But I never use it. I never want to use it either. And while some iOS fans here have said that they've used it (usually while arguing with those from the Android or WP fancamps though, making me doubt their claims...), I can't for the life of me see why. It's so much easier to simply open whatever app you're trying to get into instead of trying to remember What the search screen searches and then being thrown into the app you could've quickly opened in the first place.

I.E. Apple has put a feature on IOS that's meant to be used and yet discourages people from actually using it. It's ridiculous. And since it's been there for way too long in its limited capacity, it's shameful.

What does it need to do?

1. The ability to search the App Store and iTunes.

2. It needs real time web search results and be able to open those results without leaving the search view.

3. The ability to search third party apps (obviously the third party app would have to add this).

4. A four finger swipe to the left should bring you to the screen. Always.

I believe these four things would fix the utter embarrassment that is... Spotlight.

Requiring a password to download free apps.

This makes absolutely no sense on iOS. The purpose of requiring a password in software is twofold. One, to make sure that there are no unauthorized purchases involving transfer of your funds. Two, to make sure that no app is downloaded that harms the OS or your security in general.

On iOS with free apps, of course the first point is null and with the curated App Store, the second point is stupid (even with a rare untrustworthy app here and there). It's a leftover from OS X and desktop thinking security. And it's annoying as hell that I can't simply click on a free app to download outside of the alloted 15 minutes without entering my password each and every time.

Even worse is the fact that while you can't download a harmless app without entering your password, you can damn well delete a harmless app after it's become important to you and filled with all your data without ever asking for a password. WTF?

The lack of a Guest account.

Multi user accounts would be nice, but they're not really necessary in my opinion. An iPad is a personal device, a bit less so than an iPhone, but much more so than a Mac or PC. If someone else wants one, they can damn well buy one (or have you buy them one...). A guest account on the other hand is a necessity. I have personal photos and documents I don't want others to see. You have your own personal shit you don't want others to see. But there's no way to hide them besides relying on someone's lack of knowledge about how iOS works or where you would put that app or one of those almost gimmicky, yet too damn useful apps that hides your stuff in calculators and the like. You would think Apple would want people to let others use their iPads, so that they can experience it and want one themselves. So why go out of the way to make sure that they avoid doing so? And why I say 'go out of the way', I mean it, since last I checked Unix like operating systems support multi user accounts.

As it is, they chose the stupid side of simplicity. A guest account system with limited access to apps that the Owner chooses is needed today and should have been added yesterday.

Background transfer limit of 10 minutes. Die.

I don't care about PC ideology or Android openness. Kill the app if it's not doing anything in the background so it doesn't kill battery life or hurt the performance. I will cheer. But it's ridiculous that apps cannot download hundreds of megabytes in the background. That they must stay open to do so. I understand that consumers need to be protected from themselves and apps to have a good experience. I believe in that. But that should be a matter of App Store curation that stops apps which abuse their rights and not legitimate background downloading that various apps need to do.

As it is, it's common for me to simply leave an app open and put my iPad on the bed while I go do something else. I.E. Apple has made it where I can't freaking use my iPad at times. Just because I want stuff uploaded or downloaded doesn't mean I want to stare at the iPad while it's doing it or even use that specific app in question for its main purpose.

Why keep your users from using their products for even a second if it's not necessary, Apple? That makes no sense to me. You're supposed to encourage our addiction, as we trust you to do, not give us a reason to go do something else with our time!

That's it. Not that the iPad wouldn't have room for getting better if those four issues were fixed, but it certainly wouldn't be flawed in its operation and its own ideals.

Oh and make no mistake. The iPad is the greatest tablet by far. If you have a tablet and it's not an iPad, you have a crappier tablet. So cue the gloating from Armies and Tribes.