XPS 15 Died, Buying a new Laptop

Hi guys...

My Dell XPS 15 - 2013 laptop (bought 9 months ago) just died today. Completely toasted itself for the second time in a row. So Due to the costs of getting it repaired I have decided to buy a new laptop. Also I highly recommend not buying the XPS 15 Laptop. I have not had a laptop with so many problems in my life, from webcam, audio, and trackpad bugs glore. Probably the worst set of drivers I have ever seen come with a laptop.

My interests are to getting a new laptop that fits a partially wide set of requirements. I am a game developer (In progress). I am looking for a laptop that has great graphical performance and general power, but also will last longer than 9 months. Something that is more business orientated, but usually when i see one like that they skimp out on the graphics card.

Anyone have any suggestions? The XPS was a little low on graphical requirements.


Getting the ASUS 17inch


$200 dollars off helps =)

Thanks for the help guys!