Rage of Bahamut

I've been in to trading card games like Magic the Gathering for quite a long time. I've always liked the combination of skill, strategy, and collecting that went along with the territory. One thing that I always found annoying was how hard it was to find people around me who also played. With the advent of smart phones came the ability for casual players form all around the world to come together and play games with each other.

This brings me to a game I recently came across on my Android phone called Rage of Bahamut. It's a self proclaimed CCG (Collectible Card Game) that makes its money off micro transactions. Players are prompted to create a Mobage account to get started. After which they can continue through a tutorial in which users can pick up the basics behind game-play. The game-play itself is quite simple but the nuances are where a player is either made or broken.

So how is the game played, you might be asking yourself... the player is given a couple of "Cards" or digital representations of cards in which the player uses to either quest or defeat other players. combat between players is essentially a mathematical calculation in which the higher number wins, however some cards have special skills that augment either the attack of your deck of cards or the defense of opponents deck of cards. To complicate battle a little, cards can be enhanced by feeding other (more common) cards to rarer and more powerful cards. Beyond enhancing, cards can also be evolved. This can be done when a player has 2 or more of the same card. Evolving combines the two cards together creating a more powerful version of the original two that takes on a portion of the stats from both. Most cards can evolve up to 3 times although some have been introduced that can be evolved 4 times.

Players keep themselves busy from day to day by participating in events. Events are essentially a ladder system in which high ranking players are rewarded with limited edition cards, holy powder (the primary currency of ROB) and rupees which allow the player to enhance and evolve their cards.

Let it be known that this game heavily favors those players that spend money, but it's not necessary and if you are able to find an Order, you may be able to get a competitive deck relatively quickly.

The game is available for both iOS and Android, so head on over to your respective market and download it for free.

If you decide to play the game please make sure to add my referral number at the end of the tutorial. Using my referral number will give us both free cards and other items in the game. Be sure that you enter the code when prompted because you will not be given the chance at a later time.

Referral code: ubk60734