Best Prepaid Option for International Travel?

So here's my situation... I have a corporately provided blackberry (I know) which covers all of my local mobile communication needs. I'm too cheap to pay for the service associated with a 2nd phone on my hip... but when we travel internationally with our kids, I'm unable to take this device due to privacy legislation and privacy policy. That means my wife has her iPhone 5 and I've got nothin'. On a recent trip to Disney World, she actually forgot her iPhone in the van at the airport and we ended up being disconnected for an entire week. We didn't like this.

So, I'm interested in prepaid options for me (I'm in Canada) that would make a good 'world phone' for international travel. Arrive at the airport at our destination, get hooked up with a local carrier, enjoy (largely) data only service while we're there for messaging, GPS / maps / etc... and so forth.

I'm pretty comfortable with Android given that I'm a Google service user so I would assume most of the best options will be in that ecosystem... but what should I be looking for here? I don't want to buy a piece of crap, but I also don't feel like I can justify a cutting edge phone for this type of use case.

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thanks!