Nexus Line: What could other OEMs bring to the table?

LG Nexus 4

Asus Nexus 7

Samsung Nexus 10

I feel as though we're missing something. Maybe something from HTC, Motorola and Sony.

What niche could they fill? What if...and this is a crazy idea.....if these 3 companies made the replacement devices for last years Nexus family?


HTC Nexus 5: similar to the One device, but replacing the all aluminum body with polycarbonate.(NFC being the sole reason for this change, but leaving everything else the same.)

Motorola Nexus 7: Kevlar backing. Solid, strong build.

Sony Nexus 10: the reference design coming from Sonys own tablet Z line. Clean lines, very minimalistic.

I fully realize this wont happen, but its nice to dream...

Or maybe...

An HTC Nexus device that challenges the Samsung Galaxy Note?

The possibilities with Android are so varying that its easy to daydream up all kinds of crazy partnerships and such. What would be your ideal Google Nexus partners and devices?