Let's talk about the reaction to the PS4 event

So Sony had a bit of an announcement this week, and it seems that everyone in the tech world just realized that Sony (not Apple or Google) is one of the top two players in the field. It seems that a lot of the discussion that has dominated the internet post-event has been circling the following issues: Sony didn't mention a price, didn't show a box, and didn't say when we can run to GameStop/BestBuy/the Amazon pre-order page to buy it.

These are the wrong issues.

Sony is rebooting "console" Video Games.

It may be titled Playstation, it may be put out by SCE, but this device/OS is a whole new beast. The Playstation meeting may have been called the launch of the PS4, but it really was a call to the general public (and developers) that video gaming technology is preparing for a leap forward, similar to that of the introduction of the iPhone in 2008 for mobile. Windows Mobile could do all that the iPhone could do in 2008 (and more), but the iPhone introduced new gestural and touch paradigms, and a simplicity of navigation, that has driven the current smartphone generation. Apple didn't launch the iPhone with something unseen or unheard on the previous platforms, it rebooted the smartphone market that was being mired in the complexities of WinMo and Palm. That is what Sony announced they were doing: they are getting rid of the cruft of the PS3 (i.e. the Cell chip, no RAM, and an annoying update process) and bringing forward a new baseline (x86, too much RAM, and updating galore). And then they showcased some of the experiences that will be available on this new ecosystem. The call from members of the Tech and Gaming circles claiming that "there wasn't any innovation" (bullshit, they announced a box that can stream all your heavy game content directly to/from the internet), that the experiences offered "don't differ from those on the 360 and PS3," need only remember what happened when Android and iOS walked on the field in 2008 and shattered the mobile landscape. It's not like the original iPhone could do that much (it couldn't even connect to 3G), and I would argue that it wasn't until the introduction of the iPhone 3G with the App Store, or Eclair/Froyo for Android that we got the current generation of phones.

That is the PS4. It is going to completely supplant the PS3 and 360 generation, and it is going to provide some stunning new features that are not available on the current gaming ecosystems, and new games. Sony basically held a two hour event to tell the world, "HEY WE'RE REBOOTING VIDEO GAMES IN NOVEMBER. HERE'S SOME IDEAS." Questioning some of those ideas is valid criticism (like the fact that the PS4 is basically the nicest PC ever that can't run Word, and that its commitment to openness is yet to be seen), but yelling that they showed a FPS (which might actually sell the damn system to a market dominated by Call of Duty) and some tech demos is BS. They made a system that can make pretty visuals, interact in new ways, and provide new social interactions. You don't buy a video game console to play Netflix.

and if you have a problem with that, go back to wondering when a new twitter client is coming to Chrome OS. And as Justin McElroy so eloquently put it at the end of a cynical and sarcastic stream dissecting the announcement: "Sorry it doesn't print shit Verge bros."