Developing Apps in a Post-PC / PC+ era

I bought an iPad (3rd Gen) right after it was launched. But every time I go to my parents house for the weekend or something, I have to take my laptop. This is because maybe I need to make some quick fixes on a Web App I made. That would mean that I need to have a decent text editor, some kind of Git and then FTP to upload the changes.

However the iPad is far away from that kind of workflow. Windows RT/ Modern Apps are also not even close.

This has made me think about, that you can't build iOS apps on an iPad, or Windows Apps on WinRT, or Android Apps on Android, there are obviously some problems that keep this from happening:

  • compile speed (but what about html5 apps?) and screen size
  • AppStore rules
  • missing testing/profiling/debugging APIs

But as more and more people go 'tablet' only, doesn't that limit the number of people that are able to develop apps? Also it makes it even harder for some 15 year old student to get into this kind of thing if he has to buy a 1000$ laptop to get started.

So what do you think, is that a direction any of the major player in this game are thinking?

I am not going to hold my breath until we see "Windows 8 style VisualStudios", "XCode for iOS". But would something like this be possible? Chrome OS is probably closest to this goal.