Google Store: A safe haven for all OEMs?

Supposedly, Google will get its feet wet with the opening of retail stores by years end.

With recent previews of the Chrome Pixel and Google Glass, it seems to add even more credence to this occurring. Google wanting to sell Glass this year is great, even if it doesn't just fly off the selves.

Add to this the rumor of Googles Motorola owned division will be launches a 'gaming changing' smartphone, and things are definitely looking good for Google to have plenty of devices to show off in a physical store.

Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and the Motorola 'Xphone' for the Android camp.

Acre C7, Samsung Chromebook and Chromebook Pixel for the Google Chrome section.

And last, but not least: Google Glass.

Which leads to this question: Will Google allow other OEMs to sell their devices in their stores???

I've reasoned it in both the Pros and Cons.


Since Google will be releasing the Pixel later with Verizon LTE, Verizon will have a small presence in Googles store already. This is further enhanced if Google decides to sell the 'Xphone' here as well.The Motorola/Verizon partnership is a run over from years past, and Google will no doubt want to foster that relationship more since they do want Motorola to be a success.

By extension of this argument, Google would benefit from having an even larger of Google/Android powered devices from which consumers could choose from. Google makes money from Android by means of search, ads and such, so this could possibly be good as well.

Im sure many of the OEMs wouldn't mind not having to share space with the iPhone, WP and Blackberry devices. They could each have a section labeled for only their OEM devices and the 'custom' Android vision as they see it.

A store with choices is great right???


But a store with choices is bad as well.

Google has been pushing their own devices as legitimate alternatives to the 'custom' experiences of Samsung, HTC and others.

Google would love for people to see and use Android as they intended. Add to this the ability they have at updating these devices quickly and advertising this as a plus for choosing Nexus, then you create a problem for OEMs. So far, OEMs haven't been able to promise this and it might reflect badly on them. ( I'm fully aware that most people don't realize the benefits of updating the OS, but once they know, they will definetly begin to want such updates)

Furthermore, having so many OEMs under the same roof would cause an even greater problem. The dreaded need for...


Many OEMs may get the impression that they need to further changing their UIs to create separation from their competition. This would drive UI overlays that are heavier and more ridiculous than what we have now

Again, this is only a possibility. But not a nice one.

So, between Google having to keep compete within their own house, they may actually drive OEMs to drastic measures to hide Android.


So, those are just a few of my ideas regarding the Google store situation, what about you guys?

Are you for a pure, Google only store?


Would you like to see a store populated with all OEM devices?