Jumping the Shark Redefined: PS4 Listed on Amazon


via cdn.pocket-lint.com

We've all seen pre-orders on Amazon before. Most of the time they've been finished products that have been fully announced and showcased. Sometimes, they've been nearly complete products. Listing the untested, incomplete, PS4 is probably the biggest stretch in recent memory.

To be fair, there's no pre-order option. You can, however, sign up for updates and add this "non-product" to your Amazon wish list. There's even a list of specs and user reviews...of a non-existant product. A product that Jack Tretton has stated, does not have final specs.

Is this a part of Sony's continual PR push for a console that doesn't have final specs and isn't even residing in an enclosure yet? Or is this simply Amazon's compulsion to get items on the shelf, at least in proxy? Probably both.

One thing I know is that I'll be keeping a watchful eye on this Amazon listing. Perhaps a clerical error will leak a price or shipping date for a short window of time; only to be quickly taken down again.