A Windows 8 Desktop enhancement

I'm by no means a Windows 8 hater. I embrace the new start screen and I really like where Microsoft is going with the OS. My usage however involves mostly using desktop applications, which Windows 8 is also fine for, but there are a couple of flaws that I think could be easily sorted with the 'Blue' update.

The first one, is the fact the desktop is treated as an app. Desktop apps are individual apps on the Start screen, so why are they all bundled into one app when being used ? There's a simple way to solve this. In the multitasking bar, show the desktop apps as separate applications when they're in use. Simple solution.

Secondly, is the Charms functionality within the desktop. Because the desktop is treated as one app, this means that the 'Share' charm is rendered useless in the desktop. Let's say I prefer to use Chrome in the desktop rather than in the Windows 8 view. This is in fact my scenario. I personally don't use the 'People' hub, but I do have my Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to my Microsoft account because I know I can easily share using Charms within apps. So lets say there's a webpage I want to share on Twitter or in an E-mail while I'm using Chrome on the desktop. I can't do this. I'd have to jump to a 'Modern' app to do this. This problem should actually be remedied by my first point about treating the desktop apps as individual apps.

I think these a pretty relevant points about the desktop in W8. Like I said in the beginning, I'm by no means a hater. As time passes I'll use more Modern apps and these problems won't matter to me as much, but right now, I and I'm sure quite a few other users would like these problems addressed.

What do you think ? Are there any other things you think should be fixed in the desktop ?