Chrome OS: Define 'Real' work?

I've seen so many people post that the reason many people won't purchase the Pixel, outside of cost, is that you can't get any real work don't on it.

Could someone please define 'real' work for me?

Last time I checked, you could do work on a Chromebook. Depending on your job, your workflow will take various forms. Personally, I only need to import and export pictures, type up various invoices and complete forms on my companies website.

I'm paid to do this and its how I earn a living, so isn't that 'real' work? I imagine that most people aren't web designers or such that having Windows based applications are a necessity.

This being the case, wouldn't it be more proper to say 'depending on the type of work you do, a browser-based OS' may not be the best option?

What do you think?