Nexus streaming to TV, Miracast or slim port hdmi?

I have a Nexus 4 and i want to be able to stream my phone screen to my TV, im not sure if I should get the neatgear push2TV for 60$ which i hear works well with a little lag or the slimport hdmi adapter for 30$ which i hear works flawlessly, a bonus for slimport is you can bring it with you on the go which is a big bonus, they both look good buy I really like the idea of wireless but im just not sure if it worth the price for the net gear, plus i already have apple tv so is there a way that I can stream my phone to that (with an app if so which one) ive looked and couldnt find any apps for free and didnt want to buy an app unless i know it will work real well, what is my best option?