ouya the perfect torrent streamer

So perhaps this could go in the home theater forums but I think it ties better with android.

I see the Ouya as the perfect home theater box, firstly because it will (we can assume) eventually have Netflix. 75% of my viewing is covered.

OK, so what, there are lots of netflix enabled boxes. The kicker is that, of course, it runs android. If this box ever gets support for the bitorrent app it would be an unlimited TV viewing machine.

Now pair that with an external HDD, TV optimized versions of bitorrent and MX player, and remote control (voice?) support... you have a straight to TV torrenting device. How aweosme would that be? No more transcoding for Apple TV or elaborate streaming setups. Find the torrent, hit download, and play whatever HD format (avi, mp4, mkv...) you want straight to your TV. Can't wait.