Is Chrome Pixel for Me?

So, in short I'm actually considering the Chromebook Pixel. I haven't found the ultrabook for me and Apple's offerings just dont interest me. The stability is amazing, but it seems really boring compared to Google and Microsoft's offering.

I only use my computer for school, and honestly the only software I use is Paint, MovieMaker, Photoshop and Office (OneNote and Word). Of all these, I'm obviously most concerned with Office (It's unlikely I'd buy Photoshop again, I'd just use it on my old laptop). I'm a casual user, but I tried Google docs and they cannot replace the usability of Office. I also need to access OneNote, because a lot of important things are on there.

Hardware-wise, the Pixel is the best machine for me. The display is amazing, but the most important part for me is the keyboard and the touchpad. They are something no ultrabook seems to have gotten right. It's also really thin (even though, it doesn't look like it) and seems well though out. Everything seems to be custom and isn't a cookie cutter device; a part of me just want to buy it in order to support this fact (but I don't have a pile of money lying around).

To Sum It Up:

I don' use a lot of software, but I care a lot about hardware. All I've really used are cheap Windows laptops. It might seem really expensive, but I feel like I'd actually save money, by not replacing my laptop every year, due to various quality problems.

However, these are my main concerns:

  • Can QuickOffice acess and modify OneNote? IMPORTANT
  • Can I replace Word with Drive (I use them half and half right now)? Will I ever can? IMPORTANT Buying the web apps isn't realistic, because due to a company deal, I get the normal verson really cheap so for me the cost isn't worth it.
  • Will Google ever stop supporting Chrome OS? Okay, we all know the failed Google products (some would consider Pixel to be one of them). I need my laptop to work for at least five years to be worth a investment and with the way Chrome OS works (as opposed to Windows), if Google stops supporting, it will slowly become useless. Five years is a long time in the tech world and I'm not sure Chrome OS will last that long.