New patent suggest Google Glass 2 in the works with Binocular Vision

"First there was Google Glass Part 1, the single-eye monocular version of their Head Mounted Display which is simply known as Google Glass or Glass. Now Google Glass Part 2 is in the works which is about dual eye displays known as binocular Head Mounted Displays. This type of Glass holds a few more challenges concerning the perfecting of alignment so that computer graphic images (CGIs) projected onto the lenses are correct for both the right and left lenses. To achieve this, specialized lasers have been designed to pull it off just right. You know it's a serious project at Google when its co-founder Sergey Brin is the lead inventor."

1. Google Glass Part 2 - Binocular Vision

So it looks like there working on the next iteration already, interesting. Here's the source link for more .