What gaming console do you think you will buy, in the next 18 months?

I saw Sony's PS4 announcement, and I'm really worried for Microsoft now. So, I wanted to ask y'all. What console, if any, will you buy in the next 18 months after hearing about its announcement.

• Sony PlayStation 4

• Microsoft "XBOX ∞"

• Nintendo Wii U

• Valve "SteamBox"

• SmartThing

• (Multiple Purchases)

• I don't think I will buy anything, or I can buy an N-Gage for even less money.

I myself Want to stick with the Xbox. I like the interface still, its messaging, achievements, and my friends already play there. As of now, I have a PS3, and its been alright. That PS4 sure looks neat, but I still can't get past that interface they briefly, but did, show. The handlebars it has are funny now. The triggers actually seem smaller. At least the controller's supposed to be a little heavier now. AND, those exclusive games look Gorgeous.


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