Macbook Retina 15" Users: How's your touchpad?

I don't think it's limited to a bad batch since I have several floating around, which I bought at different times. Before I send one rMBP back (yet again, but admittedly not for touchpad issues) to Applecare as a test, I want to know if anyone else is experiencing degraded, or at least not-as-great-as-the-Applezombies-in-media-hype touchpad operation on the 15" rMBPs.

When I'm on the move and on a laptop I'm usually in a hurry to get things done, so unless there's a repeated instance of problems I usually ignore it until one of my tech minions can take care of it. However my minions aren't as Mac-conversant as I am so OS X and Apple hardware issues usually are best left to me and then Applecare.

I've ignored it until now but it's just becoming a tad annoying. The symptoms are basically indicative of a mediocre contemporary PC touchpad which hasn't been tweaked - clicks (either physical or taps) not always registering, gestures not immediately being recognised - the issues are not constant, i.e. sometimes two-finger clicks will be temporarily ignored once, other times it works fine. Or two-finger scroll will 'stick' (and not necessarily due to the 650M gasping to drive the retina panel with any degree of alacrity) so that it judders in movement between two-fingered swipes - but do the same thing just a couple of seconds later and it's fine. Nothing conclusive in other words - it mostly works, but especially as I have a rock-solid experience in Windows these days it's incredibly annoying to come to a Mac and find it feels like a 'well, I tried my best to tweak it' Windows machine circa 2010. This is common across all of my Retinas as far as I can recall.

There are no other HID's plugged in, and I don't run any HID customisation tools on any of the Retinas. None of my Macs have any touchpad or physical damage and are clean - I dispose of any machines which suffers any cosmetic degredation, and because I tend to flit from one machine to another I don't use any enough for them to suffer problems with dirt buildup or wear until they get replaced.

How's yours behaving? Tips for a surefire reset (bar PRAM, done that) if applicable so that I have a baseline setting that I can try to see if the problems persist?