Surface Pro week 2 update

Got the external monitor working. Had to use a 3rd party cable since the Microsoft one is nowhere to be found. I'll link to it for anyone else who's looking for one. Just keep in mind, not every mini-displayport to hdmi adapter is compatible, it took a lot of searching.


I've been testing out games. Got Mirror's Edge to run, it looks amazing on the Surface's screen because of the art direction. Civ 5 works great. Tribes Ascend is also playable, but needs a mouse, same with TF2. Moving onto XCom and eventually Planetside 2, not expecting much success there, but I'll keep you guys posted.

Battery life is managable, still getting around 5.5 hours. I was actually able to get through a full school day after I forgot my charger at home.

Again, willing to answer any questions anyone has about the Pro, I'll try to do my best