iPhone Sound Issue

My fiancee's iPhone recently was dropped in some water, and everything is working fine except for the sound being finicky. When it seems like the phones sound is not working when you press the volume buttons it just shows "Ringer" at the top with the usual speaker icon only it doesn't show any volume level indication at all. Youtube and music never play audio, and sometimes alarms don't play any sound either. It seems the phone thinks it's in headphone mode or something. I have tried canned air, the Q-tip trick, rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip, plugging headphones in and out repeatedly, the paperclip trick, and even the ridiculous claim that sucking on the headphone jack will fix it. Nothing seems to work. Is there any physical fix other than those I can try, or is there a Cydia tweak I can download for her phone to disable the headphone jack? Thanks for the help.